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What Is MovieHam?

MovieHam is a software program that runs on your Windows PC to help you paste faces on a movie.

MovieHam does not automatically detect a face in a movie to replace it with a photo. MovieHam lets you move along your movie time and paste photos over movies at the rendering time you select (one frame per second, two frames per second, or five frames per second for smoother motion in your movie).

You do the work, but MovieHam makes it really easy for any computer user to paste faces on a movie.


Preparing Photos

MovieHam is not a photo touch up software, however it has a built-in photo editor to help you crop the face out of a photo and cleanup the background. Great for pasting on a movie.

MovieHam can also import your photos in JPEG, GIF or PNG format.


How long does it take to paste photos on a movie?

That depends on how long the movie clip is, how many characters you are pasting and the rendering time you select. Rendering at one frame per second is quite fast and your movie will look more like animation. Rendering at five frames per second is a longer project, but your movie will have smooth motion.

For example, the sample clips in this page takes about one to eight hours depending on the sample time and rendering speed. You will have fun and will be happy with the result.


What else do I need?

MovieHam uses Apple's QuickTime to do it's rendering. You have to have QuickTime 7.6 installed in your Windows PC.

If you do not have QuickTime, you can download from www.QuickTime.Com It's FREE!

MovieHam is a graphic software and requires at least 1GB or more of memory.

If you plan to do a few projects, then you should have 5GB or more of hard disk space.

You wll need to import your initial movies in QuickTime readable formats such as h.264, MP4, etc.

If you are planning to download movies from internet and convert to QuickTime to use for MovieHam, you would need software to download and convert.

Realnetworks, inc.'s RealPlayer SP can download and convert movies to QuickTime format and it's free. Visit Real player web site at for more information.

Download a free evaluation copy by clicking the download button. The evaluation copy will allow you to create and publish movies with your favorite faces for 30 days.

Evaluation copy will render your favorite faces at 1 frame per second. (download size: 46 MB)


Download MovieHam

(version 1.0)


After evaluating MovieHam, if you decided to purchase a License that removes restrictions from your evaluation copy, then click the "Buy Now" button below and enjoy rendering photos on movies at 1,2 or 5 frames per second with no MovieHam watermark.

A License key will be created and emailed to you at the email address specified in your purchase.

MovieHam License Single User $49 usd.

Please, allow 24 hours for the License to be created and emailed. Check your email's spam folder to make sure the license email has not been blocked.

For more information contact:



view a sample movie

Young Mr. Bean


view a sample movie

Dance on Ceiling


view a sample movie

Road To Bali